Everett Having Busy Week

At 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, Webster (Fla.) South Sumter standout linebacker Earl Everett has been having an extremely busy schedule in recent weeks.

"I have no idea why it had to be me," Everett joked. "I never thought I'd be in a position where I'm getting so much attention. It makes it really busy around here."

Everett has an occasional escape from all the pressure -- basketball season.

"Basketball takes my mind off of recruiting and just allows me to have fun," he said. "I like to compete, have fun, and just hang out with my teammates."

Everett actually had a game earlier tonight, one that had some interested viewers -- Florida State head coach Bobby Bowen, Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, and Florida linebackers coach Bill Miller were among them.

"They were just watching me play because they made visits to the house tonight," he said just seconds after Bowden had walked out the door. "They were just all telling me how much they wanted me and talking about different stuff about their programs."

The standout linebacker met with UM coaches Vernon Hargreaves and Randy Shannon on Monday.

"They came by and talked," he said. "They real cool, I like those guys. They're real with me. We talked about the visit this weekend, how I fit into their plans, and just talking about what they need to do in order for me to come play for them."

So is Everett interested in playing for Shannon and Hargreaves at UM?

"Oh I'm very interested," he said. "Even with Coach Bowden telling me stuff, I'm down to two and they are Miami and Florida. I'm trying to concentrate on those two right now."

Everett said he's actually starting to get closer and closer to a decision.

"I've learned a lot the last couple weeks," he said. "Coach Zook was here last Tuesday and Coach Coker was here last Wednesday. Then all the assistants stopped by the house this week. Basically I'm getting to know them on a personal level. I've been learning more about the academic situation at each one and more about the football aspect like how much I will be able to play early on. I know more about what I might do now than I did a couple weeks ago."

Everett will take one final official visit before sitting down with his parents and grandmother to make a final decision.

"We're driving down on Friday," he said. "My mom had to work when the Miami coaches came by here yesterday so she couldn't be here. But she said she's ready for our visit to Miami."

So what is mamma thinking at this point about her son's decision-making process?

"She likes both of them," he said of the Canes and Gators. "Of course she'd like me to stay closer to home but she said it doesn't matter a bit. She just wants to see me happy and she'll come see me play wherever I go."

Everett said he'll start to really think things over after he returns from Miami.

"Hopefully this visit will give me a real good idea about everything," he said. "I want to see how I fit in with the players and the area. The good thing is that I've already met a bunch of the guys that will be on the visit with me. I want to hang out with that boy Bryan [Pata]. He cracks me up. He's a real cool dude. I think Joe Cohen is supposed to be out there too and also Glenn Cook and Ali Highsmith. It should be fun and I'll also get to hang out with some of the players there now to see what they're like."

Everett said he still expects to wait until signing day to make an announcement.

"Even if I know, I'm probably going to wait," he said. "I've waited this long so I might as well wait until the 5th. I don't have a whole lot of time left but I think I'll know a lot more after I get back from Miami."

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