Fox: We're here to win games

After Thursday morning's practice, several players met with the members of the media. Senior offensive tackle Jason Fox was among the group that was made available. He discussed a number of topics, including how practice went, the differences of practicing early in the morning and how the team has reacted to Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith deciding to transfer.

On how practice went -
To be honest with you, I think we came out and did a really good job. It is a challenge getting up here in the morning and for our whole team to do that and come out here and practice...that takes a good attitude and we did that this morning.

On early practices helping players rest later in the day -
Absolutely. That is one of the reasons why we are doing it. Another reason is this time of the year there is a lot of lightning and thunderstorms in the afternoon and when you go out and have to come in once or twice during a practice, it kind of ruins your momentum you had going in. This way, we have a better chance being out here and getting good work done to get ready for Florida State.

On not practicing in the afternoon heat -
We were out here for a month straight in that heat all camp. We know what it is like. We have a good base to our conditioning. We know what it's going to be like (on gameday).

On Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith transferring -
Sometimes it can be a distraction but as a football team you have to limit the distractions, not think about it and remember why we are here. We are here to play football and win football games and anything else besides that, we have to push off to the side. You can't really do anything about it. Those were personal decisions they wanted to do for their careers that is going to help them out personally. As a team, we have to send them on their way and wish them good luck, but we still have to get ready.

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