Pipho: We know Jacory won't get hit

Matt Pipho is a senior right tackle for the Hurricanes this season and you can see what he was saying after Friday's practice by reading below.

On the depth at running back:
We got like 12 backs I think. I don't even know who's out there most of the time. You don't miss a step when you put someone else in. It's really fun.

On the pressure to protect Jacory:
No pressure. We know he won't get hit. Coach Stoutland teaches us, don't worry about it. Jacory's like our little brother. We can't let him get hurt.

On the lack of depth at QB:
If you have 12 quarterbacks or one, you gotta think that way or you're gonna lose games.

On the depth behind him at RT:
We're rotating. Orlando's getting some reps, Jermaine's getting some reps, Figs is getting some reps. We're just playing everywhere so we can move around when people get hurt. I played a little bit of center but I'm mainly playing right tackle. We're making sure we have about four guys to play each position so if people get hurt you can move around and be fine.

On Jason Fox:
He's good enough that he can switch over. We won't need him to. He's pretty much our left tackle so he'll be there if he's healthy.

On the grind of preseason:
We've been playing football since July so it's just like any other day -- coming out here and playing football. We could have played two weeks ago, last week. We had some scrimmages. I'm comfortable.

On the O-Line's improvement:
We're improving on our consistency. In the first few scrimmages we had a couple of bad plays here and there. It's not about how many good plays a team has it's how many bad ones they don't have.

On A.J. Highsmith:
He bit off a big chunk to chew. I couldn't have done that when I was a freshman. He's handled it really well.

On the backup QB's leaving:
I lived with Cannon so it's tough on me. Me and Cannon and Taylor are friends. We played football and we were a family. But if they thought it was best for them then so be it. AJ Trump now lives with me.

On Joel Figueroa's development:
We're rotating around and Figs has his strengths, Gunn has his strengths, Orlando has his strengths. They're rotating us enough to know that I need to play a certain way with this guy and so on.

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