Byrd: We were picking them apart today

Laron Byrd is a talented sophomore wide receiver for the Canes and he was very excited after Friday's practice. Read on to see what he was saying.

On A.J. Highsmith:
He has so much knowledge. It's ridiculous for his age. He's been picking up the offense real good. He's been working with Jacory so it's like big brother, little brother every day.

On the quarterbacks today:
The quarterbacks threw some great balls today -- nice spirals, some nice deep balls. We were picking them apart today.

On Highsmith's touchdowns:
Yeah, I think he threw a couple to Leonard Hankerson and one to me.

On Highsmith being the No. 2 now:
You should never go to any program thinking you're gonna redshirt. You should go in and way you want the job -- you wanna be a starter and compete and at the end of the day the best player will win the job no matter what.

On losing the backup QBs this week:
This has probably been the hardest summer since I've been here. We have a brotherly bond here at Miami, like a family, and you see those guys go and you lose a brother. They gotta go on and do what's best for them and I wish the best for them.

On the receivers:
I'm coming along real good. We got some great DB's giving us a great look. You look at all the receivers -- Aldarius Johnson, Leonard Hankerson, Tommy Streeter, Kendal Thompkins, Thearon Collier, all of them are coming along as a group. Once you dominate as a group, the first four or five guys on there, you're gonna have an unstoppable team.

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