Bosher: Wieclaw's really improved

Matt Bosher is currently competing with Jake Wieclaw for some of the kicking duties this season. What's he saying about that competition and about Wieclaw? Read on to see.

On the special teams unit:
The special teams overall looks really good right now.

On the backup QBs who are also involved in special teams:
Last year they were both playing other positions too so it's kinda the same deal, something we're used to.

On working on all duties:
We're all working on kickoffs. Jake and I are both working on everything right now, trying to get our legs in shape and ready for the season so we're just working together.

On Jake Wieclaw's development:
It's Jake's second year and he's really matured. He's doing really well field goal wise, he's practicing punts, kickoffs, and he's doing well. He's matured a lot, gotten stronger, and looks good on the field.

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