Shannon talks after Friday's practice

The Hurricanes held a 5:30 am practice on Friday and you can read below to see everything head coach Randy Shannon was talking about afterwards.

On today's practice:
It was a regular practice, just ones versus ones and just trying to get better.

On backups making a move:
We don't even worry about depth charts. We just try to worry about getting better as a team. Right now guys are getting better.

On Lee Chambers:
Anyone can get your attention on special teams. Lee has done a great job running the football this offseason and he's done great on special teams. He just adds value on your team -- just like Coop's done a great job on special teams.

On Chambers getting more reps than Coop and James:
No, the running backs always get the same reps. All of them get 20-25 plays.

On if the scrimmages tell you a lot:
Don't know. You're playing against each other, guys know what everyone is gonna do. You know what defense you're gonna run, you know what this guy's best pass rush is, you know what this guy's pass set is. You wanna see (good) mentals and efforts.

On A.J. Highsmith:
He looks pretty good. Still got things he needs to get done. He's still young but he's doing well. It's always tough for a freshman but he's doing well right now.

On Matt Bosher doing all three duties:
Don't know yet. In the last two scrimmages, we had Jake (Wieclaw) doing some kickoffs.

On FSU preparation:
We'll start seven days out.

On when the players will know the starting lineup vs FSU:
The players don't even worry about it. You guys worry about it. They'll probably get it two days before the game. It just depends.

On a public depth chart getting released:
It's whatever it is.

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