Shannon talks after Sunday practice

The Hurricanes practiced on Sunday afternoon, as the season opener is now just eight days away. Read on to see what coach Randy Shannon was saying afterwards about a number of topics.

On FSU stuff today:
A little bit of it, not that much at all. We're gonna do some semi-intro stuff. We did a lot of 1-on-1 stuff today, doing a lot of technical and fundamental stuff.

On getting prepared:
Most of the time, as coaches, you cant wait to get started but as you get closer, you say you need more time. At this point, the physical work has been done. The offense, defense, and special teams have been handled. Now we're taking it slow and not trying to introduce too much to the players.

On new stuff from FSU:
There's always gonna be one or two different formations, one or two different plays. You gotta be able to adjust. Playing football, you can give reps to all one offense or all one defense but there's always a new play, a new trick coming in to adjust to.

On the return guys:
Don't know yet, there's a lot of guys.

On Leonard Hankerson:
He's done a great job responding off last year. When I watch him practice, the way he comes back, he's been kinda the leader of that group. You look for a guy to make a big catch or block the safety, he's the guy we look forward to doing something. We're excited about the way he's progressed and we're excited to see what he can do.

On Dedrick Epps:
He's doing well. He practiced today, practiced the other day. He felt a whole lot better after the day off. We're starting to see guys getting fresh. We're giving guys days off. They're getting ready to go. He's done everything. People don't ask about the knee because of what he's done in practice. His blocking has upgraded 80-percent from last year. He was a good blocker lst year and now he's really becoming a good force for what we need as a blocking tight end.

On guys spelling him:
It depends. You're gonna have tight ends. We got some quality guys. Dedrick is the stand out guy but Richard Gordon has responded and done a lot of things. Tervaris Johnson and Jimmy Graham have done a great job. Jimmy's done more than we expected. Guys get tired and you feel comfortable putting those guys in.

On AJ Highsmith:
He's done a good job. He's a quarterback. There's nothing he's been thrust into. He came here to play University of Miami quarterback and we're thrilled to have him.

On his father:
His dad wanted him to play safety. He told me over the summer, 'why don't you move him to safety?' He's been playing defensive back all his life. We'll give him a shot there (at QB) and if it doesn't work out we can always move him to safety.

On his knowledge of the game:
He's from a coaching family, an athletic family. His great grandfather, Walter Highsmith, was a coach for many years, When you've been around football as much as he's been, you learn a lot and that's what's helped him a lot. He knows a lot about football and knows what we're doing offensively and defensively because he's played both sides.

On Eric Moncur:
He ran some sprint workouts today. He's got to practice before anything. You can't let him go out before he's in shape. He ran before practice, during practice. He's gotta practice before Florida State and if he don't he's not gonna play.

On whether he's had contact drills:
Yeah, early in the camp, the first four or five days he hit.

On possible ran this week:
It don't make a difference.

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