Baby J on the offense: You'll see

Javarris James is going into his senior season and he's hoping for a breakout season. Read on to see what he's saying a week before the team takes on Florida State in the season opener.

On preparation for FSU:
We're getting ready. Everything is getting through with camp. Finally, we get to play against someone else.

On his status:
I'm great. I'm ready to roll.

On his senior year:
I've just been trying to get better every day at practice. I'm working hard at becoming a better leader. I'm the senior of the group and I'm excited.

On AJ Highsmith:
Both AJ and Jacory look real good.

On the opening schedule:
I look at it as an advantage for us. We're playing against some of the best teams in the country. We gotta bow up. We call it man up around here. You look at a conference like the SEC, they play games like that every week. People say it's impossible but we got the team -- the coaching staff, the training staff, everything. We're ready to roll.

On people saying it could be an 0-4 start:
I don't listen to the critics.

On the backup QB's leaving:
We wish them the best of luck but we gotta move on. Since I've been here I've seen a lot of guys come and go. There's no reason to sit around and dwell about it. Those were my boys. I love them to death and wish them the best.

On the offense:
You'll see. That's the only thing I can say. You'll see.

On Coach Whipple's impact:
That's the best thing that could have happened -- a guy who's been there, a straight forward dude with a professional mindset. He believes in us and we believe in him.

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