McCarthy: We prepared for more than FSU

Colin McCarthy says the defense is ready for the season opener against Florida State next week. Read on to see some of the interesting things he was saying about that.

On the FSU game:
That's no better way to get back than (winning) up there at Florida State.

On the new defense:
It's different but we went through all of spring ball and all camp learning it, getting reps. Everyone's real comfortable on defense. We communicate better now and we're very excited to play someone else.

On what to expect:
You'll have to see. Coach Lovett and the defense is doing a great job. We're excited.

On practice:
We did some stuff, good on good. We did some more stuff towards FSU. Our main goal is to get better day by day so when we go up there Monday night we'll have our A-game. We have all the mental stuff and all the physical stuff will get taken care of up there.

On if they prepared this month for just FSU:
No, we were doing everyone. Coach has done a great job through camp focusing on different teams so when the week comes we'll know what to expect. We're looking forward to the challenge. Florida State is obviously the first game so that's what we're focusing on right now.

On how they prepared for other teams:
Just with some of the calls. Coach Lovett has great defensive, as far as his plan, for each separate team. Right now, with Florida State being first, that's who we're focused on.

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