Jacory: I'd rather study myself than opponent

The season opener against Florida State is just a week away. Read on to see what quarterback Jacory Harris is saying about the team, that game, his preparation methods, and more.

On gameday being less than a week away:
Me, Marcus (Forston), and Sean (Spence) were all in the room talking. We was like man, it just came up on us. We didn't know it was next Monday. We're concentrated on what's going on right now and that's why it surprised us.

On the backup QB's leaving:
It's not really a distraction. Those are two good quarterbacks, good friends. I wish them well and I hope they do good wherever they go. Things like that happen but you gotta prepare for obstacles like that. We're overcoming things and going through adversity. We just gotta go out and perform. It's not a distraction. We just lost two good guys.

On A.J. Highsmith:
At first I'd be talking to A.J., he'd be up there every day watching the plays and learning. He does everything really quick. I didn't have to help him more. A.J. is a good quarterback and somebody I love to have.

On the first game:
I just thank the Lord I'm here. I'm blessed to be in this position. Not too many people are blessed with the arms and legs to play in a football game so that's what I tell myself.

On FSU's defense:
They're gonna be different but they run the same scheme. They will run the same things they did last year. They have an awesome defense. They put pressure on you fast so we just gotta get the ball out of our hands.

On not competing with Robert Marve:
I'm not even worried about that right now. I'm just trying to get better as a team. Pressure comes with being a team and you just have to go out there and perform.

On studying FSU's defense:
I'm the type of person and I've been doing this since high school, I'll look at a defense a little bit but you gotta become one with your (own) craft. You gotta know what you're gonna do to execute and once you know that, you know the different defenses anyway. If Florida State comes out and changes their whole scheme, you should be prepared for anything.

On how he studies film:
I'd rather study film on myself than watch the opponent. The opponent has the scheme you. You shouldn't have to scheme them.

On Leonard Hankerson:
I feel like Hank has stepped up to play. He's found himself in that leadership role. Last year he wasn't a veteran receiver. This year he's the oldest receiver so he has to step up and be more accountable. Things like that makes someone better.

On his drops from the past:
I'm not worried about the drops with any of my receivers. That happens. They're normal humans. At the same time, I got so much trust in my receivers that come game time, I know they're gonna catch every ball.

On playing in a loud stadium next week:
I heard it's very loud but we played at Florida last year and we had to adjust to that. I like big crowds. I like going away and breaking the spirits of the fans.

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