LB Ready for UM Visit

At 6-feet and 210 pounds, Miami (Fla.) Central standout linebacker Ali Highsmith enjoyed his second recruiting visit of the season last weekend.

"I was up in Louisiana visiting LSU," Highsmith said. "I liked it. They had a lot of good things to say and it's a good place. I could fit in."

Earlier this month, Highsmith visited Ohio State. He also talked about that visit.

"Looking back, I really don't know how it compares to LSU," he said. "I liked it up there too. They got a good thing going on. I mean look at what they did last year."

The standout linebacker will take his third visit of the month -- to UM -- this weekend.

"I'm going to UM next," he said. "I'll see what they're talking about. Miami's been my top choice for a little while now cause of the location and everything. I mean if I see that all these are good schools that I could fit into, why not pick the one that's right down the road?"

Highsmith is looking forward to meeting up with several other recruits that he met earlier this month in California.

"A lot of guys there were saying they were visiting UM this weekend," he said. "Maybe we'll hang out and talk about stuff, you know."

Highsmith said he's considering taking a fourth visit -- to Rutgers -- next weekend but isn't toally sure yet.

"I might know after this week where I'm going," he said. "Right now, I'm looking forward to UM."

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