Highsmith: I've really matured as a QB

A.J. Highsmith is now the backup to Jacory Harris and he talked to the media about a number of things as we're now less than a week away from the FSU game.

On ever speaking in front of this much media:

On the QB competition:
We're still competing. Coach Shannon has competition every day and we're trying to get better as a football team.

On losing two QB's:
It's a new situation. They were both very good quarterbacks, good teammates. I learned a lot from both of them but I wish them the best of luck moving forward.

On his approach:
I'm still competing every day in practice, trying to get better, and helping this football team win.

On his reaction to the transers:
We were all in the Hecht and they came in and announced it. We have to move forward and get ready for the next game.

On whether he came here expecting to play:
I didn't know. Coach Shannon just said there are open jobs and everyone will compete every day and we'll see how it ends up when the season starts.

On his desire to play QB:
I wanted a shot to play. I'm excited about getting out there and hopefully winning a lot of games.

On picking up the offense:
I'm still learning a lot, working on the little things. It's gonna be exciting.

On his teammates:
They're very positive with me, always keeping me calm to make sure I got my head on straight in the huddle.

On his family's support:
They were excited. They all said good luck and to make sure I don't get complacent and to keep working hard.

On what he's improved on most:
My maturity as a quarterback -- being able to handle playing quarterback, making sure guys are lining up where they're supposed to be, being organized.

On the FSU game:
We have to try to keep turnovers to a minimum and try to win the game.

On advice from his father:
We talk every day. I just gotta keep working hard and competing every day like when I got here.

On coming here:
It was always my favorite school. I grew up on UM. I looked around just in case but I always wanted to be here.

On being on the sidelines of the Houston game a a few years back:
When I was real young, I went to the game when I was in elementary school. It was a neat experience for me, got to be around the team. I was so small I coduln't really see anything. I was just happy to be there with the team. I was 10,11 maybe,

On his comfort level:
I'm being the same as I've always been. My dad said to be the same A.J. as when I got here. I just go and compete every day.

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