Joseph; It's going to be crazy

Joe Joseph is a senior so he's played at Florida State before. Read on to see everything he's saying about the team and next week's big game.

On his style of play:
I see myself as a run-stopper but I also wanna get to the passer, too.

On the defense compared to last year:
Last year is last year. The defense this year, we have a lot more guys flying around. We feel good about what we're doing so it's gonna be a good year.

On being able to turn it around:
I do feel the turnaround. We're looking good this year so we're looking forward to having fun with it.

I expect it to be crazy. It's always fun and crazy when you go to Doak Campbell. It's a great atmosphere for the fans. You can't even hear yourself think but you just gotta focus in and play ball.

On losing last year's game:
It's always fuel to the tank but you try to leave last year for last year and move forward and play ball. Florida State is a big rival so you're already pumped for the game.

On their offense:
They pretty much have the same run game so we're watching flm on the same things as last year and trying to execute our fundamentals.

On Christian Ponder running last year:
I think it caught us by surprise but you gotta move forward and learn from your mistakes and get better this year.

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