Jacory, Baby J look a lot better

Javarris James and Jacory Harris are two key players on offense for the Hurricanes this season and coach Randy Shannon says they both look much better this season. Read on to see why, what's expected of them, his thoughts on the quarterback situation, and more.

On Jacory Harris:
He don't let many things bother him. You gotta understand about Jacory, he's the guy this year and alternated last year. It's a business to him. He practices with the mentality to get better. When he makes mistakes, he takes the blame for them. He's not gonna blame someone else. If he's acked and he held onto the ball too long he'll go to the offensive line and say that it was his fault and he held it too long. Or if it's a bad location for a receiver, he'll go to the receiver and say he'll put it in a better location next time. He's a team player and not an I, me guy. He just wants the people around him have the best opportunity to be successful.

On the experience gap:
(Jacory's) a lot better. You can tell the difference between A.J. and him. A.J.'s doing a great job for us but we got a small package for him. With Jacory, you expand a lot. You can see how he's picked up a lot of the knowledge and understands what we're trying to do offensively. Also, being in tough situations in scrimmages, two minute offenses, he knows what to do with the football a lot better than he did last year.

On Javarris James:
He's done a great job. The biggest thing that's helped Javarris is he's dropped 8-10 pounds. Right now he's running around fine. The last two years he had the ankle injury, got banged up here. He went to camp fine, feels like a new person. You see a burst in him. He looks faster. We're excited about him having a great season.

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