Epps says he's healthy and ready to go

Dedrick Epps is a senior tight end for the Hurricanes who is expected to play a major role on the offense this season. Read on to see what he's talking about less than a week before the season opener.

On starting the season strong:
We gotta start off the season right -- those first four games. Florida State is first and we've been focusing on them right now. We just gotta go out and play football and give the nation what they wanna see.

On his health:
Yeah, everyone's feeling good, trying to get their legs back. We're gonna come out and play hard.

On the confidence level:
Everyone's confident. Everyone's ready to go out and play football.

On being less than a week away:
We know what we have to do. We've been concentrating, studying plays, going over the small things. Everyone's ready.

On last year's game:
We're trying not to worry about the past and trying to focus on today.

On the team being ready:
Everyone looks good. The defense looks well, the offense looks well, the coaches, everyone believes in what they're saying. We're just ready to go out and play.

On A.J. Highsmith:
The quarterbacks look good -- Jacory and A.J. Everybody believes in what they can do. We all believe in both of them.

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