Hankerson talks FSU game

Leonard Hankerson is listed as one of the starting wide receivers for Monday's game against Florida State. Read on to see what Hankerson is talking about just a few days before the big game.

On his drops from last year:
I still have drops sometimes but I have been working on it.

Noticing a difference about Jacory:
Jacory is Jacory. He's always been working hard and he prepares the same. I don't think there is that much different about him.

On the FSU game and Jacory:
Jacory is going to do what he has to do, the offensive line is gonna give protection the running backs are gonna protect him, the receivers are gonna run the right routes do what we have to do but jacory is a great quarterback he is gonna go out there and handle his business and he Is prepared and we all can't wait for game day

On seeing more confidence in Jacory:
Jacory always had confidence he always played the same he's dong what he has to do to get better but he has always played with confidence.

On the amount of receivers:
We are all competing at practice and we are working hard during practice and we are gonna keep competing and just leave it up to the coaches.

On being listed at starting WR on depth chart:
I just worked hard during the whole offseason saying that I had to get better I had to get better, and hopefully it pays off for me

On complexity of Whipple offense:
We feel real comfortable with it right now but its been a lot to take in. We still learn every day and work every day and meet with the coaches to watch film. Its been going good

Learning from Whipple:
Its been fun with coach whip he brings a lot of knowledge its been fun learning a lot of different plays.

On embracing the FSU game:
I love to play the big games, there is nothing better than the big game. You can just go out there and play hard and not worry about making mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen and you can't dwell on them, if you make a mistake you have to get it out of your head right away.

On other teams not knowing Whipple's offense:
There is an advantage for our team because they don't know what we are going to run. It's a big advantage

Differences in the Offense:
There are some differences but there are similarities too.

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