Spence: We're tired of hitting each other

The Hurricanes are set to open their season against Florida State on Monday night. Read on to see what linebacker Sean Spence is saying just a few days before the big game.

On the FSU game as the opener:
Going to face Florida State is a conference game so it means more than last year playing Charleston Southern.

On what a win would do:
In this conference, it's all about momentum. All the teams in this conference are so good that winning that first one will get you rollin.

On Jacory Harris preparing:
Jacory is the type, he's a calm quarterback. He's not gonna let the media and accolades get to his head. He's just gonna go out and compete.

On having played vs FSU last year:
We got a year under our belt against Florida State. They're a tremendous team speed wise and we gotta go out and play our assignments and play hard.

On Christian Ponder:
He's a running quarterback. I look at him as the ACC's Tim Tebow. He's great with his arm, great with his legs, and makes good decisions with the ball.

On Ponder's big game last season:
We had a couple blown assignments and we let him make plays.

On seeing any surprises:
When you haven't seen film on your opponent from this year, you have an idea of what they're doing but you really don't. That's when all the gadget plays, all the double passes, the reverses, things like that come into play.

On Coach Lovett:
Coach Lovett is a great defensive coordinator. He's a very motivated guy, out there screaming and running around getting the defense pumped up.

On his thoughts on last year's halftime score:
Just going into the locker room with our head down 24-3, thinking how did we get ourselves in this hole.

On a fast start:
Come out strong, gotta start fast. FSU isn't gonna lie down. We gotta come out and play ball.

On finally playing against someone else:
I'm tired of seeing these white helmets, hitting the same people every day. I'm just ready to play some football.

On this year's defense compared to 2008:
I feel like we're better as far as going into practice and forcing turnovers, guys chasing the ball, less busts, and guys just paying attention to detail.

On Travis Benjamin:
He's like trying to catch a rabbit. He's quick. If you have an angle on him he'll outrun your angle or stop on a dime and make you run right past him. When you try to tackle Trav, you gotta have a group of guys.

On guys grabbing Benjamin's hair:
When you're chasing Trav, you try to grab anything. I don't think it bothers him as much. He's probably not worried about it.

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