Franklin's been thinking of FSU since Jan

Orlando Franklin is Miami's starting left guard and he talked about a number of things just a few days before Miami's big opening game against Florida State.

On Jacory having a true freshman behind him:
It's always been real important for the offensive line to protect the quarterback. It's stressed a little bit more now but it's always been important as an offensive line. That's what you're out there to do.

On Jacory:
Jacory is calm. You can talk to him in the huddle. He's not uptight, always relaxed, never telling you to be quiet. He might ask what happened on that play but he'll talk to you and will work with you.

On the season finally getting here:
I'm just real excited to get back out there. I've been thinking about this game since January.

On the first game being against FSU:
That's why I came to Miami. I came to Miami to play in big games. I love going away and playing in other people's houses, in a hostile environment. It gets me a lot more fired up, motivates me more.

On the right side lacking experience:
I'm real confident. I see those guys (Harland Gunn and Matt Pipho) do a lot of great things in practice. Just like they trust us to get the job done, we trust them to get the job done.

On Harland Gunn's first start:
I think it'll be real exciting for him. The emotions will take him where he needs to be. He's been here the last two years and he's ready to play so he'll be alright.

On what Gunn brings to the table:
Harland always could run block. He's always been known to do that. He was kinda slow a little bit on the pass blocking when he came in but he's doing a real good job on that now. That's what enabled him to become a starter now and that will help him play a lot. He's a real strong guy. He squats the most on the team and benches about the most on the team.

On being trimmed down some from last season:
It's gonna help me a lot. Last year I wasn't able to play so much a game to start last year and that let the team down. It will help me a lot more to not have to come off the field for my wind.

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