Prediction Time

The offseason is officially over. It's been over seven months since the Miami Hurricanes last took the field. You get to see the 2009 version tonight against Florida State. It's time for some predictions from the staff at CanesTime.

Canes- 20 FSU- 17 -- Both offenses will start off slow and there will probably be a lot of penalties to start the game but towards the end both teams start to look more sharp. The canes have a tough time stopping the run at first and are getting killed in the trenches, but Lovett makes an adjustment and the Noles do not have the talent at WR to take advantage of us loading the box. Expect a good performance from Randy Phillips as he shows his big hit ability early and often. They score one touchdown on the ground and another through the air while adding a field goal due to a stall in the red-zone. The canes score two in the air as Jacory shows that he knows how to play the game on a big stage, and bosher adds two field goals and the Canes win on the strength of their special teams. The canes consistently have better field position than the Noles which is pretty much the deciding factor of the game. Jacory is the MVP. This game will get ugly right after we shake hands...and I wouldn't have it any other way, we need this one in a big way.

Miami 28, FSU 16 -- The Canes come into this game with a lot of question marks. Fortunately for them, I think the Noles have more questions to answer at this point in the season. I think FSU's lack of depth on the defensive line interior ultimately does them in and the Canes are able to have success running the football up the middle, which leads to Jacory Harris having an easier time in the passing game. FSU's lack of standout players on offense should give the Canes' defense an easier time than expected, even with Eric Moncur and Vaughn Telemaque out. Look for it to be close at halftime but the Canes offense will ultimately wear out the Noles' thin defense and come out on top.

Miami 20-17 -- The Canes have a lot to prove. They finished with a bad ending to the 2008 season and lost both coordinators, its starting quarterback, and several other players since the end of last season. Look for new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple to make a big difference with Jacory Harris and the rest of the offense. The Canes have playmakers -- now can Harris get enough protection to get them the football? The Canes are missing some key players on the defensive side of the ball and quarterback Christian Ponder played extremely well against the Canes last time and finished the 2008 season on a roll. Look for lots of mistakes since it's the first game of the season. Both teams have holes and lack major depth at certain spots. It's never easy winning at Florida State, especially at night, but I think the difference here for the Canes will be Whipple and because of that, I expect the Canes to come out just on top.

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