Mike's Take: FSU Game

The Hurricanes opened the 2009 season with a big win at Florida State. Here are several thoughts on the game.

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* I was one of those extremely excited about getting Mark Whipple back in January and he showed us tonight why he's worth every penny. The guy is a flat out stud as a college playcaller and made tonight's offense look more exciting than it has in a very long time. Big, big time get for UM.

* Jacory was money but did anyone expect much differently? He's a good QB who now has a great QB coach/OC working with him so when you surround him with quality playmakers, he's gonna deliver. He still has a ways to go but what we saw tonight was very encouraging. That's about as good a game a UM QB has played since the Ken Dorsey years.

* Lack of running game in the 2nd half is disappointing. I was glad to see Mike James on the field in key situations. I thought he'd play before Miller because of his ability to block, run in short yardage situations, and things like that.

* Coop being able to focus on returning kicks is huge. UM could have really used that last season but with Baby J hurt most of the year, the Canes couldn't afford to put Coop back there.

* The starting O-Line played pretty much the entire tonight. The only backup I saw with my own eyes in the game was Figs. Otherwise, the same 5 played the whole night.

* Lots of receivers but it's not surprising to see the guys who have been there, done that making it happen. For example, we heard for months about Tommy Streeter without hearing much about Thearon Collier. Well...

* FSU might not be a typical FSU defense yet but they're one of the fastest, deepest, and most talented units UM will see all season so going in there and hanging 38 on them is encouraging and leads me to believe the Canes should be able to score a ton of points this season and should be able to outscore a few more opponents this season than originally expected.

* Matt Bosher's money again as a punter/FG kicker. I can't figure out the short kickoffs. They don't make sense to me and I know Bosher has the leg to kick it deep but they want him kicking it high.

* Speaking of kickoffs, FSU freshman Greg Reid may have been their best player tonight. Wow, what a big time player. And he's a 5-foot-8 true freshman.

* The defense has some major holes. The front 4 wasn't getting solid pressure, the entire unit wasn't tackling particularly well, and the secondary allowed way too many big plays from FSU's receivers. Sure, a win at FSU is nice and the offense is clicking but a good offense will put people in the seats and a good defense will win games. That unit must get better -- a lot better -- if UM wants to reach its potential this season.

* Nice to see Ramon Buchanan getting a lot of PT at linebacker. I guess that means he's ready to turn the corner.

*I predicted before the season that M-Rob could go double digits in sacks this season. I still feel that way. At times, he's unblockable and that play he made tonight was huge.

* Sam Shields was on the field a ton. I thought he was OK. He'll get better with more experience but that's a plus being able to move a backup WR to corner and to get quality play out of him.

* This team has a long ways to go but winning at FSU is always huge. If anything, it says that UM is further ahead than the Noles in the rebuilding process. The Canes have a QB for the future. The defense will get better with more experience.

* I thought Randy Shannon called a good game from the sidelines. He's going to get better and we saw some of that tonight.

* This game, especially on offense, will really help with recruiting. They see an explosive offense with a young QB and an NFL coordinator. That will convince kids to come here.

* Bring on Ga Tech.

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