Jacory talks after FSU game

Jacory Harris played an excellent game against Florida State on Monday night and talked about it afterwards. Read on to see what he's saying.

On how he composed himself after big FSU plays:
The first thing I did when I went to the sideline is tell myself that I need to have confidence. If you have confidence, you don't need hope because hope is something that you're just wishing for. Once you have confidence, then you know you're going to win. Then you know you're going to come out there and lead a win, sacrifice your body for the team and help them win.

Every time I went on the sideline I just went on a knee and I prayed to God, I just prayed to him, God bless me, rest in peace JC (a friend of his who passed).

On his supporting cast:
Aw man, our receivers just got open. They ran phenomenal routes and the o-line gave me time to make throws.

On how he composed himself during the final drive:
It's the same mentality throughout the whole game. If you get rattled in that situation your offense will be able to tell and they will see in your eyes that you're scared. I believe the only thing…there's nothing worse than death, so why go out there and be nervous [about a game]? It's something I don't worry about.

On how much of the offense they revealed:
We showed some of our offense. We really didn't run all of it and we kind of repeated a lot of stuff because there were certain things that were working.

On how close he was to sitting out a series:
They were warming up AJ. The first snap I took [on the sideline] I fumbled. I couldn't feel the ball.

On what it means to beat Florida State:
So many people dream and wish that they were a part of this rivalry and to say that I played in this rivalry and came out with a victory is something that you will tell your little kids, about how you came into Doak Campbell Stadium and faced a hostile crowd and came out with a win, and that is something that I really congratulate my teammates for.

On how comfortable he is as the starter:
I'm very comfortable because everyone is behind me. Last year we had two good quarterbacks and we had to get adjusted to each quarterback. Its something we went through and we had a little bit of success with it but now it's just me and I have everyone behind me.

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