Randy Shannon: Post-Game Comments

The Hurricanes defeated Florida State by the score of 38-34 on Monday night. Read on to see what coach Randy Shannon was saying right after the game.

Shannon enters and gives the following intro:
Another typical Miami Florida State game. This is what you really look forward to when you play against Florida State. For some reason these last couple years it always comes down to the last play of the game or a last minute play, which is good for the ACC conference and is also good for TV. It's an opportunity for each school to showcase what each school has as far as talent in Florida and to show how far both teams have come.

On the how good of a game it was:
This is one of the all-timers. Goal line stands, both teams had great kickoff returners, both teams were throwing the ball, it's one of those games that you have to put up there. It wasn't a game like when you had Sammy Smith running up and down the field. It wasn't like the Travis Benjamin show last year. Both sides had guys who made plays. They had Reid, we had Cooper. We had Hankerson, they had another guy. Both quarterbacks too. It was just one of those games where everyone responded.

On the importance of not giving up and battling for the entire game:
That's what I kept talking about all season long. We kept doing situations like we did at Georgia Tech, North Carolina, or last year Florida State. I wanted to see how they'd respond. So they could take the next step.

On the field position battle:
You know we did some great things for ourselves with field position because of our kickoff return. We got Cooper back there, we have some returning guys. Our punt and kickoff return team are all returning players and that makes a big difference in what we want to do and they responded and gave us a chance when it was late in the game.

On whether he was worried about Jacory Harris being hurt:
You know what? I really didn't think about it. You can always do better. He had the funny bone situation happen. Santana Moss said it a long time ago. Big time players step up in big time games. Jacory did that.

On whether or not this means Miami is "back":
Eh, you know what? We have to get better. We have a lot of things that we have to correct and that we have to get done. The thing is now we have to start again tomorrow. The kids have class again tomorrow so I have to get my butt up and see who is going to class and walk on campus to get them going, but after that we'll watch the film, evaluate, take a day off, and then start on Georgia Tech.

On Jacory's clutch throws:
That was one of the huge throws. He was making throws all night and the offensive line, I'll tell you fellas one thing that was big and that everyone overlooked was the offensive line protection-wise, they were giving Jacory time to make throws. One or two to Travis Benjamin and a lot of them to Hankerson. Offensive line held in there and it made a difference.

On playing some freshmen tonight:
For being freshmen they did a nice job. Mike came in for a key situation and did a nice job catching the ball and getting us a first down. Olivier did a great job on the goal line, he did an unbelievable job in the goal line. Ray Ray did some great things on special teams. We are still young but we aren't playing 20 freshmen like we did last year so it makes you feel a bit better.

On where the team goes from here:
I know what they expect from me as a coach and they know what I expect from them as players. I have a great senior class that will keep everyone humble and keep everyone in check. I'm going to push the seniors and push this team to have the same mentality the whole year. I have to treat it like an NFL season now. Some days we're going to practice, some days we're going to take off. This was a physical game, there were a lot of big hits. We are going to take advantage of it, but we have to treat them.

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