Shannon talks injuries, recaps FSU

Randy Shannon addressed the media on Tuesday morning and was there. Read on to see everything Randy Shannon was talking about.

* He talked about things they need to improve on, with the biggest thing being kickoffs. Matt Bosher's kicks have no hang time so by the time the return guy catches it, he's at the 40 before the coverage unit gets there. Usually he pooches it down to the 20 and last night they were going to the 40.

* The next thing he talked about was the offense, saying how they did a nice job spreading the ball around and getting players involved. They need to cut down on penalties in key situations (noted Laron Byrd's chop block).

* On defense, they improved a lot from the first to second half. In the first half, they couldn't get off the field on third down.

* Then he talked about injuries -- Aldarius has a groin injury, DVD was just "banged up", and said there were "no major" injuries from the game. He also talked about how it hurt losing Vaughn Telemaque and Ryan Hill before the game because of depth issues in the secondary.

* When asked about players cramping up, he said it's something you always see in the first game across the country. The players don't think they need to drink as much fluid the night before so they underestimate that some and it makes an impact in the first game a lot of times.

* Then he talked about how the maturity level of this team has really impressed him.

* When asked about timeout management, he said the only time he uses them is when they have personnel issues like when they have the wrong set of kids on the field for that particular package.

* He was then asked about the comparisons between Ken Dorsey and Jacory. He said he reminds him of Steve Walsh, too, because they always believe they can get it done and they're always spreading the ball around and making good decisions.

* When asked about defensive standouts, he mentioned Randy Phillips having some nice tackles and a pick. Along the D-Line, he singled out Allen Bailey and Josh Holmes. Sam Shields did a nice job holding his own, especially after Van Dyke went down.

* When asked the reason for not blitzing much, then we'd be asking him why they blitzed so much and gave up so many more points. He said he wanted the defense to settle in first, which is why there was a little more of it going on in the late game.

* Regarding the pass rush, he said it will improve. It was the first game and it'll get better.

* When asked about Georgia Tech, he said they haven't looked at that yet. They're going to break down the FSU film first to see what they can improve on and then move onto Ga Tech.

* When they break down film, they'll be more critical than usual because it was the first real opponent compared to looking at scrimmage films and things like that.

* They asked about his involvement in the offense and he said he's not involved at all.

* When asked about Mike James, he said he's a guy for certain situations because he can block, run hard, and catch the ball and that's why they had on him the field in those situations.

* He's very confident in this year's team because of the maturity level and one example is how Brandon Harris got the pass interference call and they went right back after him but he was able to make the play.

* When asked what Bobby Bowden said, he said before the game it was like "here we are again" and then afterwards, he said what a great game it was. He said how Bowden said it was one of the three most exciting games he'd been involved in.

* The team will get back to practice on Thursday with an early morning practice.

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