Phillips: The defense will get better

Randy Phillips played a key role in Miami's big win over Florida State on Monday night. Read on to see what Phillips was saying after the game.

On Jacory Harris and the long pass to Benjamin:
People don't understand Jacory is a top quarterback. That corner route was perfect. We got a lot of third downs. We understood what we needed to do and where we needed to be, and we're just grateful for this victory.

On how it feels to come out on top:
It was great. It was a great team we just played, a great coach, the coaching staff over there, the environment at night time. It was a blessing. We played hard, kept fighting, and we just ended up on top for the win.

On whether this changes the perception that the FSU Miami rivalry is dead:
Great game, great show, we are just glad we entertained the country with a rivalry game. A lot of people were saying that the game is dead, we're just glad to go out there and show everyone that we still have it in Florida and that we're in a national championship conference.

On what the defense can do to improve:
We're going to get better. It was a tough game, a tough environment. We were short a couple guys in the secondary. We are going to get better as we go as far as communication and doing our job. We just rose to the occasion at the right time.

On FSU's tight-end Caz Puriowski:
We were just playing our defense and getting our keys and reads, we had no film on the guy except for a couple plays last year, and apparently he's been doing real good in camp so they came out and went to him. We had no idea they were going to do that so we just went out and played our defense.

On how it feels to win as a senior:
It feels great. Last year is behind us. We have a great team this year. We have a quarterback leader in Jacory, there's no ifs and or buts about that. We have a great leader in Coach Shannon. A lot of people doubted him and doubted us, talked bad about him and us and things like that. He's beaten Bobby Bowden two out of three times and we're just glad to be in this position to come up here and get a win. It's my second win up here at Florida State. We just feel blessed and we're going to move forward. We got Georgia Tech coming up, we'll be at home in our backyard and we'll be ready to go out and play.

On the weather and how it affected player health:
The weather was great, we prepared for this weather. A lot of guys cramped up. We were missing a couple guys on defense that will be back. One of our leaders Eric Moncur will be back next game. Ryan Hill, a senior, and Vaughn Telemaque our starting safety will be back also. We should be ready to go against Georgia Tech. Our corners did a great job today playing the fade, playing the deep ball. We'll just be ready to go out and keep putting in work.

On the final play of the game:
We were in a blitz and they rolled the pocket. It was just a blessing by God. The team that was supposed to win won. Florida State has a great team and we wish them luck and I'm pretty sure we'll see them in the ACC Championship.

On whether he knew the ball was incomplete:
I saw the ball hit the ground. I was going for the quarterback and I saw the guy dive and the ball hit the ground. There was no doubt, I'm just glad the officials got it right because they were doing a great job all night with the calls. We just thankful for the win.

On whether the team made any defensive adjustments:
We didn't change anything on defense, we just had to settle down and keep on playing. You'll never see this Miami defense play that bad again. It was bad but we are grateful for the win. The offense played great. When the defense starts clicking, it'll be a great season.

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