Shannon addresses team stuff

Randy Shannon spoke about a number of topics on Wednesday afternoon, including comments on the Georgia Tech game, the kickoff situation, and much more. Read on to see what he's saying.

Randy Shannon spoke on the ACC teleconference on Wednesday afternoon and had the following things to say (note, everything he talks about is in response to a question posed to him so he's not randomly talking about these topics).

* The FSU game was exciting and it was good for the entire ACC conference.

* The team stays in a hotel on Friday nights before home games to avoid distractions in the dorms.

* You have to be real disciplined on defense when playing against Georgia Tech's triple option and that's something they've been addressing for several months, going back to the spring.

* The scout team at UM will try to but it'll be tough for them to simulate what Ga Tech will be doing because it's so different and they do it so well.

* Stopping their fullback (Jonathan Dwyer) will be the biggest key.

* Graig Cooper made a lot of great plays Monday and looks like a very well-rounded player right now.

* Greg Reid's a great player but they knew that from his high school days when they tried to recruit him. He was a great return man in high school so it didn't surprise them at the things he did.

* He didn't panic when Jacory came up holding his shoulder. He just wanted to make sure AJ Highsmith knew the team had confidence in him. Jacory is fine and just hit his funny bone on that play.

* Jake Wieclaw "needs a lot" of work to be ready to handle the kickoffs. Once he's consistent enough in practice, then they'll use him. If he can, it would really help the team.

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