Bailey talks about Ga Tech prep

Allen Bailey will play a key role for the Hurricanes on Thursday in trying to stop Georgia Tech's triple option. Read on to see what Bailey is talking about just a few days before the big game.

On getting Eric Moncur back:
Having Eric back will be great. He brings leadership to the field. It's great to see him back in action.

On wanting more of a pass rush vs FSU:
It all depends on the call, honestly. We could have done things better. It was the first game. That's why you practice, to clean things up.

On his role as a possible end in this game:
I'm gonna stick inside for this game.

On defending the triple option:
It's hard because it's mentally hard. You gotta play assignment football for 60 minutes. It could be hard for some dudes, mentally.

On what went wrong last season:
The simple things here and there. Some people forgot their assignments here and there. We cleared that up this year and we're focusing on the game.

On starting fast:
We're trying not to come out flat like last year. We're trying to come out amped, every week.

On the motivation the coaches are using:
He reminds us over the last four years we haven't beaten them, stuff like that.

On his role Thursday:
Get penetration. My assignment is to tackle the dive every play. Everyone's gotta do their assignment. That's about it. 60-minute football.

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