Fox: GT has ruined two of our seasons

Jason Fox has been a part of the Georgia Tech/Miami game for the past few seasons and he's excited to get back on the field with them on Thursday. Read on to see everything he's saying a few days before the big game.

On the previous Georgia Tech games:
It's definitely motivation. They've ruined two ACC Championship Games we could have made it to if we had beaten them. That's in the back of everyone's minds. That's up in the locker room now. Last year and past years is in the past. We have to focus on this year and getting the job done against them this year.

On Jacory's poise:
I'm extremely impressed. When you see your name in the newspaper and everyone's telling you how great you are it's easy to get a big head. He doesn't do that. He gives all the credit to his running backs, his receivers, and his offensive line. Watching film, he'll find plays where he could have found an open receiver. He still makes mistakes but he's been playing really well and we need him to continue playing well.

On the home opener:
It's exciting playing at home. You don't have to deal with the tough crowds. You can hear the snap counts and you can be more efficent. You have less penalties at home. Our fans will be coming out to support us and we're excited about that.

On the O-Line play vs FSU:
I think we played, overall, quite well. I'm not saying we didn't make mistakes. I'm not saying there aren't things we can improve on. That's a tough defensive front. Florida State always has a good defensive line and linebackers. I thought we handled them pretty well but we still need to improve this season.

On the conditioning factor when using just six linemen:
Taking a lot more reps in practice, that's definitely gonna help us out. Coach Swasey did a tremendous job this summer and all of spring getting us ready to play in long games and taking a lot of reps.

On his touchdown catch vs FSU last season:
(Laughing). I keep telling Whip to put something in. We'll see if he does. I'm 1-for-1 so I keep telling him to put it in.

On Jacory's calmness in the huddle:
That's Jacory. He's confident. He's smooth. He's relaxed at all times. I never see him rattled and that's a big factor you need in a good quarterback. He wants to go out and make plays but he's not jumping up and down crazy and not able to focus. He knows what he needs to get done and goes out and does it.

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