Benjamin talks about his improved game

Travis Benjamin is a much improved wide receiver since last season and he explains why. Read on to see everything he's talking about just a few days before the big game against Georgia Tech.

On improving since last season:
I came a long way from last year. I was a freshman and my routes were kinda off. I worked all summer and worked specifically on my route-running.

On the biggest improvement he's made:
Coming in and out of my break in my routes, looking the ball in. Last year, I was hesitant with my routes and now I know what to do and I'm precise with it.

On how he improved his route-running:
Just going out with the players, doing 1-on-1 and 7-on-7 stuff, the defensive backs teaching me like if he's in this kind of position what to do and what not to do.

On being more consistent this season:
That's very important. Last year I'd have a big game and then I wouldn't. This year, every time I get the ball in my hands I gotta do something big with it.

On how his routes helped against FSU:
I think on my touchdown catch (they did). The safety was just out in front of me hoping that I'd run right into him but I avoided him and I scored.

On what he improved on most against FSU:
I think it was on the offensive side of the ball. I looked the ball in more coming out of my routes. Every time I came with a big route he'd get me the ball for a big play.

On playing Georgia Tech:
Every time we get on the field, the offense has to put up some points -- three or seven. Every time we touch the ball we gotta put up points. We gotta come out and go hard every time, gotta give our defense a chance to make them play from behind because they're not a passing team.

On the confidence level of the team:
Everyone knows we beat Florida State last week but we gotta put that behind us. People like Fox and Randy Phillips, they've been here for five years and they've never beaten Georgia Tech so they tell us every day about beating Georgia Tech and what it takes.

On players saying he takes 20 minutes to prepare his hair:
It don't take that long. I just put it in a pony tail. It takes like five minutes. I never had it pulled on. I always said if I do, I'll get it cut down a little bit.

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