Jason Fox: Wants Miami "Back on the Map"

Miami offensive tackle Jason Fox heads into the 2009 season as a candidate for the Outland Trophy. Jason met with the press at the ACC Kickoff to talks about the changes the team has gone through, what to expect from Coach Mark Whipple, and his last chance to win a championship at Miami.

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When you came to Miami did you expect things to be where they are now in your college career?

"It's definitely been a learning experience. Now I think all we can do is take what's happened to us and learn from it. If you had told me before I came here that all this would happen I wouldn't have believed it. If I go out with a bang and win a championship then I did what I came here to do. We still have one year left."

With a new offensive and defensive coordinator, is that like starting from scratch?

"Not necessarily, we're doing a lot of new things but we're keeping some stuff that worked for us and building onto that. It's been a new process for everybody and everybody is learning new plays. Everybody keeps saying we're young. We're kinda young and learning the new offense and the new defense. We've done a great job already picking it up this spring. We just have to fix some minor mistakes we made during the spring."

What will we see with the new offense?

"Hopefully a lot more points. I have a lot of faith in Coach (John) Whipple. I think he's a tremendous guy and a tremendous coach. He's been around the game of football for a long time. He knows what he's doing. This spring by far has been the most productive this offense has had since I've been here. I think we're going to be putting up a lot of points."

Have you seen a lot of progress at the quarterback position this spring?

Absolutely, as I was telling someone earlier, I think Jacory is a great quarterback and he has a lot of tools around him that he can work with. I'm expecting a big year from him."

What was your reaction when you first saw the first four games on your schedule?

"I guess it really didn't sink in right away. When I first thought about it I said this is what we got and now what are we going to do about it. I think everybody has the right mindset going into the season. We still have camp to go to get our team together and hopefully we'll go from there."

If you start out 4-0 or 3-1, that would be your opportunity to win a championship?

Exactly, that's what I keep telling people. People keep asking me if we can get Miami back on the map. This is the best opportunity to get it back on the map right here. We have four really good opponents but we're a good team. Sometimes we don't play like Miami but if we come to play, and I definitely think we're progressing towards that, I think we can do it."

Is there a feeling that this is the year you turn the corner?

"Absolutely, this is our year and this is what we're all expecting. We have a group of great seniors and a bunch of talented freshmen. We have two new coordinators. We have all the pieces to the pie. We just have to put them all together.

The word you hear about Mark Whipple is create. What does that mean?

"He does a lot that not every team does I guess. He's been around and he knows the game of football. When it comes to putting different concepts together, from what I've seen so far and from what I've been around, it's been productive."

How has he put his imprint on this offense? Will you pass more, run more, and use new formations?

"It's a different mindset. It's not run more or pass more. When we want to run the ball we're going to run the ball and when we want to throw it we're going to throw it. We're not relying on what the defense is going to give us. We're going to do what we want to do and you try to stop us. That's Coach Whipple's mindset and I think it's a great mindset."

With Graig Cooper and Javarris James how will the ground game look?

With Coop, James, Mike James the freshman, and Lee Chambers, we have a bunch of great running backs. The way we like to rotate they should all stay healthy throughout the season, At least I hope they do. Knock on wood if anyone goes down we have plenty to replace them."

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