Monroe Talks About Visit

At 6-foot-2 and 186 pounds, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. standout defensive back/punter Brian Monroe took his official visit to Miami this weekend and enjoyed it tremendously.

"I loved it," Monroe said. "It was tight. I got to see some things that I hadn't seen already, like the academic part of it and I also got to hang out with some of the players. Buck Ortega was my host and we were chillin with Alex Pou, Eric Winston, and some of the recruits like Ali Highsmith and Joe Cohen. It was great."

Monroe spoke about several of the kids he hung out with on his visit.

Ali Highsmith -- "He was my roommate and we were chillin the whole time. He's real cool. He told me he likes Miami and everything but he hasn't made up his mind between them and LSU yet."

Ofa Mohetau -- "This guy was huge. He was like 350 but he looked like he was 270. I hung out with him some. He said he's going to announce his decision in a couple days and I really think it's going to be Miami based on what he was saying."

Joe Cohen -- "He came with a teammate and they were having a lot of fun. He's real laid back. On Saturday night, he didn't even want to go out. He just chilled with Eric Winston and Tavares Gooden a couple guys in the room. He's all about football. He said he's thinking a lot about Miami but hasn't decided yet."

Tavares Gooden -- "He had already taken his official visit but came on his own because he was visiting an old teammate who plays O-Line for Miami now. He's real intense. Talk about being ready for the season to start."

Monroe said he also got a chance to meet UM freshman QB Kyle Wright.

"Kyle was loving it," he said. "He told me he had a chance to go a lot of places and Miami was easily the best choice. He loves it. Listening to him and some of the other players really makes me feel good about spending my next four years there."

Monroe said the highlight of his trip was at lunch on Saturday.

"My favorite part was during Saturday's lunch," he said. "We were all just chillin and eating and stuff. All of a sudden, Bryan Pata started going crazy. He was trying to get everyone hyped up. He was like 'hey coach, where are the pads. It's time to start knocking some heads around out here.' Everyone started yelling and Bryan kept getting people fired up and yelling 'Lets get it on.' It was awesome. He's a funny guy and he said he wants the season to start tomorrow. Everyone feeds off his energy level, it was awesome."

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