Phillips: GT will see a different Miami team

Randy Phillips is excited to turn the tables against Georgia Tech. Read on to see what the senior safety is saying just a couple nights before the big game.

On Georgia Tech beating UM in recent years:
You just take it year-by-year. Every year we go into a season, we dont just plan to beat Georgia Tech, we plan to beat everyone. All we can control is this year. It's a new team -- new players, new coaches. All we're trying to do is go out and get a win.

On being disciplined on defense against them:
It's very important to be disciplined, to make sure when they do pass to make sure you intercept it or they don't catch the ball. If you leave them two-dimensional that's when they can hurt you. Clemson did a good job of intercepting the ball when they threw it. It was the one play they caught that really hurt Clemson. We're trying to tackle, stay in our lanes, and come out with a victory.

On the difference in this year's Miami team that GT will face:
Coach Shannon always says when we make up our minds up to go play that is when we beat them. We're gonna try to jump on them early and make them try to pass the ball. Georgia Tech is gonna face a different Miami team this year because we're gonna score at will. They're gonna have to answer and if they can't answer, they're gonna have to throw the ball and that's what we want. They're good at what they do. We're good at what we do. It's two good programs right now.

On the expected atmosphere Thursday night:
Thursday night games are always gonna be crazy. People come out and show their support. The last time we played at home on Thursday night was against Texas A&M and it was loud and crazy. We came out with a great win and we're expecting to do the same thing.

On students shuttling to the game:
The students, they love the team. They're very loyal. We expect more this year. It was a great experience for them last year but now they're comfortable and know what the trips will be like. We expect all the students to come out and support us Thursday night.

On the young Northwestern on the team maturing:
Those guys are very mature now. They came in mature playing on great high school teams, having great coaches around them. Now they're settling down. They're able to get to class on time, able to put in more work in the football aspect because they settled down in their school work. Jacory has seen different defenses being in different offenses. He's been able to get comfortable with the guys around him that he's had since last year. Sean Spence and Marcus Forston, they're great guys to be around. I'm just glad to be here with them.

On Jacory bouncing right back after FSU's defensive touchdown:
I wasn't surprised. Jacory's a humble guy. He's a great leader and it's gonna take a lot to keep him down. We just have to keep guys off him. He's showed the world what he can do. FSU has a great defense and he played one of the best games ever for a Miami quarterback. We're gonna go out Thursday and hopefully get some big plays from him.

On the respect he has from teammates:
He's definitely the best quarterback I ever played with. We know Jacory and we expect that from him. Being around him for two years and watching how he dealt with the Robert Marve situation, we understand him and know him. (The FSU performance) wasn't a surprise to us. We were just glad to show the world what we had. Now we're trying to move forward and get better.

On new DC John Lovett:
He's a great coordinator. He likes to have fun and he's very aggressive and likes to keep things simple, allow us to make plays without thinking a lot. Having those characteristics as a defensive coordinator will take you a long way.

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