DL Talks About Visit; Recruits

At 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds, Royal Palm Beach, Fla. standout Dave Howell made his official visit to Miami this weekend and had a great time.

"It was awesome," Howell said. "There really wasn't a whole lot I could learn that I didn't already know, though. The best thing was getting to hang out with some of the players and other recruits."

Howell said he hung out with several UM players throughout the weekend.

"My host was William Joseph," he said. "We all hung out -- Vilma, DJ, Kevin Beard, Jason Geathers, a bunch of us. One thing I really like about Miami is how close the players are. They're all like brothers and they do everything together. That really helps when you're training for a football season."

Howell said he also hung out with several fellow recruits and possible future teammates.

"I saw Bryan Pata and Tranell Morant," he said. "I remember those guys from camp. Tranell got a lot bigger. Bryan was being Bryan, real cool. My roommate was Willie Cooper, who I met in California. He told me it's out of Florida State and Miami right now and he was having a lot of fun. I could tell he was enjoying the trip."

Howell spoke about several other recruits.

Kirston Pittman and Vegas Franklin -- "They both told me they're coming to Miami but I don't think they committed yet. They're real cool guys, fun to hang out with."

Ofa Mohetau -- "There was a huge guy named Ofa. He weighed 346 pounds but you couldn't tell. He was rock solid."

Joe Cohen & Reggie Nelson -- "They said they were really impressed with Miami and they have a tough decision to make."

Earl Everett -- "Earl was hanging out like one of the guys. He's quiet at first but then opens up and jokes around a lot. I'd love for him to come and he said it's between Miami and Florida."

Howell said he didn't even pay attention to the depth chart at defensive tackle.

"I don't even care about it," he said. "Guys not being there isn't going to make me a better player. I don't care if there's 1 guy or 10. I'm more concerned about getting in the best shape I can over the summer by running and working out so I'll be at my best when two a days start. I can't wait."

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