DB Loves UM Visit

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, Saint Augustine, Fla. standout free safety Willie Cooper is back from his visit to Miami, which was very impressive to him.

"Oh man, Miami was tight," he said. "It was pretty damn nice. It was amazing. I have a real hard decision coming up. I didn't know Miami was going to be that good."

Cooper said a couple different aspects of the visit really made him think even more highly of the Hurricanes.

"I really liked how small the school was," he said. "It's a better learning atmosphere than at Florida State. You get more 1-on-1 teaching than you do at FSU. They have something like 12 students per class. That's good. The other part I learned about was how the environment was around the school. One thing I really like about FSU and Florida is that everything in the town is all about the school. In Gainesville, I saw Gator bookstores, Gator places to eat, Gator everything. I knew Miami wasn't like that but it's cool. Everyone around the area knows who you are. UM is famous. The city ain't built around the school but it's like a little small city in itself. Everyone knows each other around the school."

Cooper said he also got a chance to hang out with several UM players and other recruits.

"My hosts were Kelly Jennings and Carl Walker," he said. "Kelly came from Suwannee, which is in a small town up in north Florida like where I'm from. He was telling me about how tough a decision it was for him and now he's really happy about everything. The players at Miami love it there and I now see why."

Cooper said he was one of several recruits on official visits this weekend.

"I hung out with Joe and Reggie," he said. "I hung out with two defensive ends from Louisiana. I hung out with Earl Everett and my roommate was a guy named Dave. He was real cool."

The standout safety said he met with the coaches and discussed the depth chart.

"I know they're going to be losing some guys," he said. "They only brought in five guys at my position this whole recruiting year and two of them have already committed somewhere else. The other three were there. It was me and two guys from Louisiana. One of them committed but I don't remember which one because I kept getting them mixed up."

Cooper said he enjoyed meeting with UM head coach Larry Coker at the end of the visit.

"He's a real nice man," he said. "Basically he said how much they wanted me and how I could fit into their system. Coach Stoops is coming by next week."

The standout safety made the trip with his parents and he said his mother came away impressed.

"She really liked it," he said. "She said she wouldn't mind me going to Miami at all since she saw what it's about now."

Now it's decision time for the talented safety.

"I had a visit for Penn State but I'm not going," he said. "It's down to the three Florida schools. I'm just going to lay low for awhile and start thinking a lot about this. I don't have a whole lot of time left. Whenever I have a strong feeling with one of them, I'm committing. If not, I'll wait till signing day and then pick one of them. That ain't going to be easy."

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