Harris: Coach Shannon is really motivated

Brandon Harris is very excited about getting another crack at Georgia Tech tomorrow night. Read on to see everything he's saying just before the big game.

On Georgia Tech's receivers:
They have some pretty talented receivers. They don't throw much but they're somewhat successful when they do. They have big, physical receivers. They do a good job blocking. We're gonna have to do a good job coming off and making tackles. You never know when a pass is gonna come. You can't take it easy because that's when they will hit you for a 30-yard touchdown. That's not the kind of play to give that offense.

On the importance of the corners tackling well:
That's gonna be a very important part of the game plan. Coach Shannon has stressed that so much this week. He's put us in numerous tackling drills. Every day in practice we've worked like 45 minutes just on tackling. They have so many big backs that they can run the ball and be physical. It's important that you bring them down.

On playing assignment football:
I can't stress how important discipline is in this game. Everyone has to do their assignment. Everybody has to trust each other on the field, knowing the guy next to you will make his reads and checks. If you have one guy trying to cover another guy's territory you can give up the big play.

On not beating Ga Tech in 4 years:
I think we use that as motivation. Coach Shannon's really motivated by it. We haven't beaten Georgia Tech in a very long time. The older guys feel it more. They're so pumped up and will carry us. We feel their pain. Losing to Georgia Tech game last year, you still have that upset feeling in your heart.

On why the let down against them last season:
Coming off the big win against Virginia Tech, being a contender for the ACC title, we got a little relaxed and took Georgia Tech for granted. They came out focused and wanted it more.

On the difference this year:
I think the leadership and focus on this team is a lot different. We have a very good select group of leaders. They won't let us slack off. They know the talent on this team and know we can get it done. They won't let it slip by the waste side. Being here for a year, it's a huge difference. Just guys being sophomores, guys are stepping up in the locker room, stepping up and giving inspiring speeches. Like Jacory, he leads the team so well but he speaks up when he has to and everyone listens and respects him. It's like he's a senior.

On Jacory's development:
I played against him in high school. Just being friends, growing up in the same Little League park, he always had that fight about him. He's been put in several situations, even in high school, of playing behind. He doesn't crack and that's what makes him special.

On his elbow scare against FSU:
I thought he was more shcoed than anything. He wasn't gonna let us down. If he could walk, he was gonna go out there and give us a chance to win.

On Jacory after the game:
He was about the same. He was relaxed a little. He enjoyed the win but once we got on the plane he was focused on Georgia Tech. That's what makes Jacory special as a quarterback. He always wants more, doesn't crack under pressure.

On Jacory on the sidelines:
Going into that last drive when we needed the stop, he came to us in the defensive huddle and was like, 'you guys played your hearts out all night. Give me one stop. That's all we need.' Everyone was fired up and it's like we can't let Jacory and the offense down. They carried us the whole game. We gotta step up.

On the true freshmen playing:
They're gonna be huge players for us as the season progresses. They played well in the first game. it was a learning experience. They got a chance to see what big time college football is like.

On Sam Shields:
I think Sam played very well. It was his first time at defensive back in the college level and against Florida State. It was kinda shocking to me and him as he wasn't expecting to play as much as he did. He had some key pass breakups. The more he plays in games the better he'll become because he's talented and we see it every day in practice.

On what Shields needs to work on:
The only thing he needs to work on is taking more risks when the ball's in the air. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Whatever happens happens. He did a good job sticking to his assignments, not giving up big plays, and staying focused.

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