Prediction Time: UM vs. Ga Tech

The Hurricanes are set to take on Georgia Tech tonight at 7:30. Lets take a look at how the CanesTime staff sees this game playing out.

MIKE GOHARI: 1-0 season record (1 point off)
Canes 34- GT 31 -- The bad news about this game is that I do not think that the canes have matured enough defensively to completely stop Georgia Tech's assignment heavy offense, but the good news is that they do not have the athletes on defense ( except Morgan) to stop our offense either. This game turns out to be a fairly high scoring game with Jacory and the receivers once again coming up big time. I think Nesbitt and Dwyer give us big trouble to start and if our D line does not win the battle at the line of scrimmage it can be a very long night for us. Ultimately I think we overwhlem them with our passing attack and they simply cannot keep up, as they will have a much tougher time converting on third downs then we will. I think Whipple is going to absolutely abuse GT with passes to the RB and play action, as GT seems to have an over aggresive defense. Jacory becomes a name that all of the ESPN announcers can pronounce correctly, and the Canes ride this victory into a top 15 ranking in the polls.

RAUL TANO: 1-0 (8 points off)
Miami 30, Ga Tech 28 -- Canes still have some trouble with the option but the depth at defensive tackle and a Marcus Forston re-emergence will help the Canes' defense just enough to squeak by with the win.

MIKE BAKAS: 1-0 (1 point off)
Canes 34, Ga Tech 31 -- The Florida State game was a lot more high scoring than people thought and I think this one will be too. The Canes offense should show improvement from week one for a few reasons -- one, they're more comfortable and two, the opposing defense isn't quite as good. Sure, Derrick Morgan and Morgan Burnett are future NFL stars but the rest of the GT defense looks beatable. I expect the Mark Whipple-led offense, with Jacory Harris throwing darts, will score a lot. Unfortunately, the Canes had no success at all slowing down this offense last season and it's pretty much the same Georgia Tech offense so I think they'll be able to score some points. Getting senior Eric Moncur back could play a major role and I think the defense comes up just enough to get the victory.

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