UM Lands 2 Commitments

The University of Miami had a huge recruiting weekend by hosting several top recruits. Two of those players decided to go ahead and make commitments to UM.

"I told the coaches I was ready to commit on the spot," said wide receiver Craig Davis. "Miami just had everything for me. Miami's the spot."

Davis, who checked in at 6-2 and 190 pounds, said he enjoyed everything about the visit.

"I really liked the campus and the surroundings," he said. "It's a small school and it's really nice around there. Just hanging out with the players and being around them, it seems like they have a lot of fun and they really enjoy being there. Me and Darryl [Johnson] just thought it was the right time to make commitments so that's what we told the coaches."

The standout receiver has some UM connections. Reggie Wayne's father is the athletic director at his high school. Davis said he hopes to follow in Wayne's footsteps.

"Reggie went in there and started making plays right away," he said. "I know Miami lost their top two guys from last year so I can hopefully go in and do the same things. I know I'm going to work real hard to make sure I have a chance."

Davis said he got a chance to hang out with several players and other recruits during the visit.

"I was chillin with Brandon Meriweather, Quadtrine Hill, Jonathan Vilma, and DJ Williams," he said. "They all love it at Miami and said I would too. Me and Darryl are really looking forward to it."

As for hanging out with other recruits, Davis said he spent most of his time with other recruits from his home state.

"We were all having a great time," he said. "Me and Darryl committed. Vegas is thinking about it. I'm not sure about Laron and Kirston Pittman said he's undecided but I know he likes Miami a lot. I'm not sure on [Ryan Watson]."

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