Post-Game: Eric Moncur

Eric Moncur played a key role for the Hurricanes tonight in stopping Georgia Tech's triple option offense. Read on to see what he was saying after the game.

On the improvements in this year's game:
This year we did a lot of good things. We watched film from last year. We saw a lot of guys getting cut. We did a good job of using our hands, getting off blocks, and making plays.

On Kendal Thompkins being the scout team QB:
Kendal Thompkins is one of the most elusive players I ever played against. It was hard, especially because he's so explosive. The scout team did a good job helping us prepare for this week and they're gonna continue doing a good job.

On beating Georgia Tech:
It feels great. A lot of people doubted us coming into the game. We showed a lot of people we can play and we're gonna keep playing.

On where they go from here:
We're just gonna enjoy the win tonight and tomorrow and then next week we're gonna grind and keep working.

On getting two straight wins on national TV:
I feel like a lot of people were doubting us but us winning these first two games on national television, all doubts are turning into beliefs. People are believing, know The U is back. Now we're gonna try to go out and win an ACC title.

On the last time they beat Georgia Tech before tonight:
That was my redshirt year. That was a long time ago for me. Coming out here and getting the win feels great, especially for my first game of the year. UM fought hard for me to get that extra year (of eligibility) and I'm just happy to be here.

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