Post-Game: Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy played a key role for the Hurricanes in stopping Georgia Tech's triple option offense on Thursday night. Read on to see what he was saying after the game.

On the improvements from last season's game:
We took it personal as far as they ran all over us last year. Our main goal now was to stop the run. It sounds a lot harder than it really is with how good their offense is. We did it, forced them to throw the ball. They were able to complete some deep balls but our goal was to stop the run and we did that.

On stopping the run:
We tried to do that from start to the end. Our goal was to not let us, keep pushing on. We're just excited as a defense.

On the added motivation after last year's game:
We were hungry. Voming into a game where we got blown out last year, embarrassed on national TV, we wanted to come out as a defense and stop the run and force them to throw the ball. We did that and it feels great.

On the run defense on the season:
Florida State had some long runs. In the first half we held them to 40-some yards. We're doing what we need to do to stop the run, force them to throw. Our secondary is making plays, too. We got a roughing the passer on that pick but we're making plays.

On an impressive 2-0 start:
We're still hungry. We got the rest of the season go to. Going to Virginia Tech, we gotta keep getting better and staying focused. A win is great but we gotta go to Virginia Tech and get the win.

On the leadership on this defense:
Our coaches keep us humble. We got lots of seniors and leaders on this team and they won't let it get to our heads. It's only two games and we still have a lot to prove. We're gonna take it game-by-game and continue to win.

On being back along with Eric Moncur:
I'm not sure if it's so much us but as a whole defense we've grown a lot. Being able to stop them the way we did, it shows a lot of how far we've come. Florida State was a step, Georgia Tech was another step. We gotta get a little better against the pass and maybe put more pressure on the quarterback but we're going in the right direction.

On the keys to stopping them tonight:
Doing assignments, tackling is one but doing your assignment is the main thing. And chasing the ball, I felt our backside pursuit was huge. Guys were chasing the ball so that if one guy missed we'd have another 11 guys trying to make the tackle.

On going from one offense in FSU to a completely different one:
It wasn't difficult at all. Florida State was great but our mindset is the next game. Right now we like beating Georgia Tech but next is Virginia Tech and that's what we're focused on.

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