Mike's Thoughts: Ga Tech game

The Hurricanes defeated Georgia Tech by the score of 33-17 on Thursday night to extend their record to 2-0. Read on to get Mike's thoughts on the game.

* Jacory was again outstanding. He did what a good do should do against that secondary -- he shredded them. Props to him for staying calm, spreading the ball around, making nearly every throw, and not making any mistakes.

* I thought all last year that Baby J was Miami's best running back because he's a downhill runner and he'll break at least a few tackles. It's nice to see him playing a bigger role this season. I like the rotation of backs with James and then bringing in a fresh Cooper when the defense is starting to wear down. Lets hope Lee Chambers, who was on crutches at the end of the game, is OK but he's not in the same league as the first 2.

* The receivers did a nice job again. They were getting open, catching passes, and making things happen. No one seemed to notice Aldarius Johnson not even being dressed for the game.

* It's nice to see the tight ends getting involved in the passing game. That's what a good OC will do, even get the ball into the hands of someone like Tervaris Johnson -- a senior who hasn't made much impact on offense and now he's catching balls at key times.

* Props to the O-Line for playing very well. Mark Whipple did an outstanding job of scheming Derrick Morgan completely out of the game but a lot of credit goes to Matt Pipho as well for more than holding his own. Morgan went into the game as arguably the best D-end in the college game and he did nothing the whole night. Nothing. Nice to see the same six guys still rotating and being able to finish games.

* Coach Whip was outstanding again. He's finally making UM kids look as talented as they are and he's even getting production from players who weren't supposed to be real involved this season.

* The run defense, especially after the first drive, was excellent. Dwyer or not (he was a non-factor when in the game), Ga Tech didn't have much success running. The tackles inside played well, the LB's tackled well, and the ends were discplined for the most part. Olivier Vernon is actually quicker off the ball than M-Rob and I didn't think that was possible for another freshman.

* It sure is fun watching coach Barrow getting so excited and hyped up on the sidelines. The players sure do seem to feed off his energy.

* I thought the secondary played poorly for a good part of the night. They made that receiver look like Calvin Johnson. He's good but he's not that good against the other people he plays. He took Shields and Telemaque to school a few times. The DB play has to get better if UM wants to make a serious run at anything this season.

* It was interesting to see Jordan Futch getting the start at outside 'backer. He's a real sharp kid and that probably played a role in a game like this where strong discipline is huge.

* Kicking game was horrendous. They need a kickoff specialist badly in this year's recruiting class. But even when the kicks went deep, minus the last one, they were getting out around the 40 on the returns. UM has to shake some things up with their coverage units.

* Nice start. I thought UM would split the first two so starting 2-0 is encouraging. The offense, as I said after the FSU game, should score on anyone they play including the next 2 opponents. The defense has to keep getting better and hopefully they will.

* From a recruiting standpoint, these are helping. Two national TV games where they're the only game on and 2 impressive wins (one in impressive fashion and one in thrilling fashion).

* Bring on Va Tech. I think two key things work in UM's favor compared to most games up there over the years -- it's a day game (they're usually at night) so the crowd won't be as big an issue and it's early in the season (they're usually late) so the cold weather won't be an issue. Their D will be tougher, more sound, and better coached than FSU but it won't be quite as fast, athletic, or aggressive. I can see the offense scoring 30+ again.

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