Post-Game: Laron Byrd

Laron Byrd was the leading receiver for Miami in their 33-17 win over Georgia Tech on Thursday night. Read on to see what he was saying after the game.

On Jacory's play:
Jacory is a natural born leader. He has that thing you can't teach, the "it" about him. He's so confident about himself that once you believe in yourself, others will believe. I'm confident he'll make the right decisions. He'll be back there to help our offense.

On being the leading receiver:
It felt real good getting into the groove. The last game I got hurt and lost confidence in myself some. This game I had to come out focused. Once you make the first play the rest keep adding up.

On all the movement by the offense before the snap:
It's a lot but it's not hard to remember because we're here to learn plays, go to school, get a degree. Once your main focus is on that then you gotta know it.

On the team's confidence level now:
It's boosting but we gotta stay level headed, can't let these two games dictate our season. It's like the playoffs, take one game at a time. We can't look at Oklahoma. This week will be all about Virginia Tech and we gotta come out and stay focused.

On getting the early lead:
When they played Clemson, we all watched the game. When they got on top, you saw that confidence. When Clemson came back, they sorta lost that confidence. We knew jumping on them they'd lose confidence. The defense stepped up big, stopping the triple option. I congratulate the defense because they're a great football team.

On making a statement:
The first quarter we came out amped, like any team will in the first quarter. Once we stopped them and started moving on offense, Georgia Tech sees that it's not the same Miami team as last year.

On his touchdown reception:
It took forever to get there. You got the dirt on the field and when I came out of my break I slipped but it was real good. Jacory made a great read, I ran a good route, and we made it happen.

On an impressive 2-0 start:
It means a lot. The last couple years, a lot of people wrote Miami off, saying the program is down. We're here, knocking on the door. Rankings don't matter because if you're not number one then it's useless. We gotta focus and treat these games like it's the playoffs. For one, when you come to any program, in any sport, the main thing is to win. All the accolades will come with it. We gotta stay level headed and we know what we're here for and we know how to handle it.

On Jimmy Graham:
I'm happy for him. He's a great big body. He blocks great, catches great. He kinda got down on himself in the first half. I said don't worry about it. When he scored, he yelled so loud in the endzone, I could here him from across the way. I said good for him. (When he scored) I said this isn't basketball. Don't go dunking on the goal post and get a flag but I was real happy for him.

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