Friday Morning with Shannon

Randy Shannon addressed the media this morning, the day after the Canes had a big 33-17 win over Georgia Tech. Read on to see what he was saying.

Randy Shannon addressed the media this morning and CanesTime's Jason Null was there. Here is what he was talking about:

* The team really showed a lot of maturity, especially on defense. A good example is holding their offense to a field goal on the opening drive.

* They did an excellent job of mixing things up on offense, like using two running backs.

* Matt Bosher will bounce back from the missed field goals. He came over to Shannon on the sideline and explained what he did wrong.

* Alex Uribe responded well in the second half after calming down some.

* Field position was vital on offense.

* The team had good focus and intensity in practice all week.

* He wasn't happy with the deep balls that Georgia Tech completed in the game.

* Coach Lovett did a great job with the defensive game plan, expressing fighting off chop blocks and getting 11 guys running to the football.

* Coach Whip did a great job with the game plan and the O-Line did a great job opening holes and protecting Jacory.

* The defense was able to adjust to the different things Tech was doing on offense.

* Jimmy Graham did a nice jon blocking and ran a good route on the touchdown and is now starting to elevate his game.

* Laron Byrd did a nice job making plays and it's good to have this many receivers to throw the ball around too. It prevents defenses from focusing on one guy.

* He said Sam Shields played "OK" and is coming along overall.

* About the hype, he said it won't let it affect them because they learned their lession from that last season after starting 7-3.

* Jacory should handle it well because he's been there before with the success he had at Northwestern.

* It was good to have Eric Moncur back making plays for the team.

* Olivier Vernon did a good job for a freshman. Coming in January really helped him a long. He made some real athletic plays last night.

* Coop is doing what's expected of him. The running backs as a group did a great job, especially fullback Pat Hill.

* There were 7 or 8 offensive linemen available for the game. Benjamin Jones, for example, was sick and didn't dress.

* Darryl Sharpton did a nice job with the fullback against the option.

* Vaughn Telemaque did a nice job in his first game, especially in the run game.

* Special teams will be a huge emphasis this week in practice since Virginia Tech is always strong there.

* Colin McCarthy's helmet was messed up at the beginning of the game and that's why Jordan Futch got the start at linebacker.

* Coach Whip's offense is confusing to defend because all the moving around and pre-snap shifting.

* On putting on AJ Highsmith last night, he said that never crossed his mind.

* On Dedrick Epps, he's not completely where he needs to be. He's blocking well and running good routes but he wants to see him running people over.

* Jacory is doing a great job of spreading it around -- 8 different receivers last week and 9 this week.

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