Graham making a name for himself

Jimmy Graham has made the successful transition from basketball to football and he caught a touchdown pass in the win over Georgia Tech the other night. Read on to see what he's saying.

On First Catch being a score:
I would love it to be. But, I'm just going from game to game to get better. I've improved a lot since last game. I'm going to improve each week. Each day is a new day and every day is a challenge.

I would say it is a lot better than throwing someone's dunk out of bounds. I've been waiting 22 years for it, so it was worth it.

It was a big cloud in my head. Going into the second game, but I have high expectations for myself and I know I can be really good at this game. To get the touchdown out of the way is something I'll never forget.

It was ten times better than I thought. I never thought my first catch would be a touchdown. To help this team get a win, at home, it was special. To experience the fans and a new side of the U was special.

On the route he ran:
I didn't know exactly what I was doing but I saw it wide open in the middle, my insticts took over and I was wide open.

On missing the second pass thrown to him:
I think I can catch every pass thrown to me. It is good to know (Jacory Harris) has confidence in me and Coach Whipple has confidence in me to keep going to me even if I dont make the play I should. I just hope that each play I do miss I learn from my mistakes and go out there and dominate.

On Georgia Tech's defensive line tiring him out:
No, I wasn't tired. I mean, I went out there and its like every play you are going faster and faster and I can't wait to keep improving.

Did it feel like you belonged?
Oh yeah. As far as belonging with the team, they've accepted me with open arms. Jacory is comfortable with me. Coach Whipple is comfortable with me. The other tight ends are comfortable with me. I feel like I've earned a little bit and I've proved I'm a football player.

On what Frank Haith will say to him:
I'm pretty sure he'll run over and give me a big hug. I met with him a few days ago and we were talking about the one ball I should have had last week. Coach has supreme confidence in me. He knows I'm a real athletic kid and that I learn fast and I can't wait to see him.

On trash talk:
No trash talk. I feel there is more trash talk in basketball. In football, there are so many fans and I'm just thinking about the next play and I really just zone everything out. I need to make sure I know what I'm doing and making sure I know I'm doing it right, so I really don't notice it yet.

On his grasp of the playbook:
I have a great grasp of the playbook. The playbook, how can I describe it? Dynamic. Coming from basketball, Coach Haith has a lot of plays, but this one is a little different. It has so many different aspects of it. If the defense does something, you have to react to it. There is one play, but there is five things I can do on it. Learning that has been fun. It is the ultimate Madden game.

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