Moncur excited about return trip to VT

Eric Moncur played a key role in slowing down Georgia Tech's offense last week and he'll be counted upon for another strong performance against Virginia Tech this week. Read on to see what he's saying a few days before the big game.

On the rotation at end:
It really don't matter because we got so much talent at end and everyone will play. If I have to go on the left side to start or the right, it don't matter to me.

On starting 2-0:
Man, it's a good feeling. We're back on the winning side. We're continuing to work hard, get better, and win every game possible.

On the game at Va Tech in 05:
I don't remember because I had a concussion (laughing). I was there but I had it before the game.

On the game at Va Tech in 07:
I played and had a good game but we lost.

On the atmosphere there:
Their fans are crazy. All the Hokie noise going on, it's a hostile environment. We're looking forward to going up there and playing.

On the Coastal Division race:
We're not looking at it like that right now. We're just going out and working hard, trying to win all the games. We're not worrying about who's beating who, just worrying about what we're doing.

On playing well as a team:
One group feeds off another. When the offense makes a play it motivates the defense to do good and then that motivates the special teams. It all comes together in the end. When one of your teammates do something good, you cheer for him. That's how games are supposed to be played.

On the attitude from others around campus:
A lot of people are starting to pat us on the backs but we're trying not to think about the hype we're getting. We're trying to focus on winning, practicing hard, and getting better.

On his playing weight:
I've been up and down. I'm at a good weight right now -- 240. Last year coming off the injury I was like 255. I feel good.

On finally being available for a full game last week:
Before the game I was all riled up. I was thanking God for giving me the opportunity. I went up and hugged Coach Shannon and Coach Hurtt and told them thanks for fighting to get that extra year for me. I'll take advantage of that opportunity.

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