Phillips: The defense hasn't clicked yet

Randy Phillips believes the defense hasn't even started clicking yet. They'll get another big opportunity on Saturday against Virginia Tech. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before the big game.

On the defensive performance so far:
The defense hasn't even clicked yet. We haven't ran our defense yet. We had to get ready for (the triple option against) Georgia Tech and Florida State, which is the spread. Now we get back to the traditional offense. We get to blitz, cover, get to show off our talent. There's only room for improvement and we have a great chance of winning. I hope every team in college football feels that way. We're not cocky or arrogant. We just love our game plan every week. We love Coach Shannon and each other. We just gotta keep working hard.

On getting a lot of hype lately:
Great teams use that as inspiration. Once you get located and start getting all the credibility for what you're doing, people slack off. Those aren't great teams. We're trying to be a great team but we don't know what it takes yet. Our coaches have been there and done that and whatever they tell us to do we're gonna do it to the maximum of our abilities. We don't know what it takes to be number one or play for a national championship so everyone is blind. We're just working hard and it's paying off.

On the atmosphere at VT:
It's loud. A lot of people say it's loud but I'm on defense so they're trying to be quiet for the offense. I've been up there twice. The first time it was really quiet. That was a 27-7 win. The next time, I didn't play due to some things. I hope it's a great atmosphere. Coach Beamer is a great coach. They have a great quarterback and some key players on their team who we'll be trying to stop. We're just glad to have two ACC teams ranked to have a marquee game.

On Tyrod Taylor's running ability:
It's not so much the running part, it's how he extends the play. The receivers get a chance to get open. For us we have the plaster the receivers once the 3 to 4 seconds of a traditional play are done. He stands back there 7, 8 seconds. That's what he does. We gotta get a good pass rush and cover guys downfield.

On 'Beamer Ball':
I don't even know what that is. What is it?

On Va Tech's special teams:
They do good on special teams but last year we beat them on special teams. Every year we've played them we beat them on special teams so I guess it's Coach Shannon ball. Coach Beamer does a great job of getting his troops ready to play. Like I said, we're ready to prove everyone wrong. Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon now and we're not pushing them away. Everyone can ride now.

On Christian Ponder/Tyrod Taylor:
There are no similarities. Christian Ponder is a way better pocket passer. Tyrod Taylor is a way better passer on the run. He really can zip it in from anywhere on the field. Ponder does a great job running straight downhill. Taylor does a great job of moving sideways to extend the play.

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