Pipho: The price of poker's going up

Matt Pipho did an excellent job against Georgia Tech All-American defensive end Derrick Morgan last Thursday night. Read on to see what Pipho is saying this week as the Canes prepare to take on Virginia Tech on Saturday.

On going to Blacksburg:
You can't hear your own self thing. You gotta know your job because you can't make line calls. You gotta know your role that much better. You can't turn to the guy next to you because he won't hear you. We were lucky to have started at Florida State. Certain places just get to a point where you can't hear anything and you gotta be able to function in those conditions. We faced that already and hopefully we'll improve on that because it'll be a lot like it.

On Beamer Ball:
Apparently that's special teams. I play offensive line so I'm more worried about their defensive coordinator ball, whatever that is.

On turkey calls:
I'm from Iowa so year, I'm used to turkey calls back home. There are none down here. Gotta have a piece in your mouth for me because I don't have the skills.

On the high ranking:
I came here to be a ranked team. I didn't come here to be unranked and in my mind this is how we should have been playing the whole time. We need to keep up what we've been doing with Coach Whipple and Coach Stoutland has been coaching us real well. The price of poker is going up and we gotta step up to the table and lay the money down.

On Va Tech's defensive end:
Number six is right up there with (Derrick) Morgan. I think it's gonna be a big challenge. He's more of a speed guy, a lot quicker but smaller than Morgan. He brings a lot to the table and it'll be fun blocking him like Morgan.

On the motivation from playing a good DE:
It's a lot of fun. Seeing that guy across from you, a year from now he may be playing for the San Diego Chargers. It's an adreniline rush.

On Jacory Harris:
I love Jacory. Whatever he gets he deserves it. He's worked his butt off. I'm happy people are talking about him like that but the season's young.

On Jacory's leadership:
Jacory's best leadership skill for me is he's a friend to everyone. Everyone likes him. If someone hits him, as a friend, I can't let that happen. We wanna play for him that much harder.

On preparing for Va Tech:
Coach Stoutland said to us going into the first two games that we were the hunters and they're the hunted. We gotta keep that mindset. We're out to go hunting. Just because we're rated higher, we still gotta keep the way we prepare the same.

On why the offense is now clicking:
Offense is like if one guy messes up it's a blown play. On defense, that can be hidden. The offense in the past, it's always been one guy who messed up. This year we don't seem to have that. It's helped us a lot. We've cut down on the mental errors a lot and made sure to study a lot harder and I think that's helped us a lot.

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