Franklin ready for the big game

Orlando Franklin is excited about a return trip to Blacksburg on Saturday. Read on to see what the talented offensive lineman is saying just a few days before the big game.

On the early season success:
We always gotta continue doing what we're doing and that's taking it one game at a time. Right now all our concentration is on Virginia Tech. We can't dwell on the two games we won because they're behind us. We're going into a hostile crowd and it should be a great game.

On Jacory off-the-field:
Jacory listens to Beyonce before the game. He'll be on the bus and he'll be listening to Beyonce. I find that real weird but he's funny like that. He doesn't really care. You'll say 'don't listen to that' and he'll say 'get out of here'.

On Jacory in the huddle:
He's laid back in the huddle. I've been here with quarterbacks who come into the huddle and say be quiet. It's not like that for him. He's real laid back.

On why that is:
That's how he's always been since I met him from day one so that's how I expect him to be.

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