Hankerson: The ranking means nothing

Leonard Hankerson understands that Miami's number nine ranking right now means nothing. Read on to see what he's saying just a few days before the big game on Saturday.

On the current ranking:
It doesn't mean nothing. We're all trying to keep focused. Going to Virginia Tech, it'll be a hostile crowd. We're pumped and ready to play. I'm sure they're ready to play so it'll be a good game.

On Virginia Tech's defense:
I saw some athletes on defense, a couple of speedsters. They have a monster on the D-Line, the linebackers are pretty good, the safeties are pretty good. The defense looks tough.

On this being the biggest challenge to date:
We expect every game to be the biggest challenge. We treat every team like they're number one in the nation.

On how this team has come together:
Everybody in practice believes in each other. We're working hard and communicating, competing in practice. Everyone's working hard in practice, staying focused. We're competing and staying together as a team.

On Jacory's early success:
We all gotta stay focused and keep our minds right. We gotta keep our minds where they were before the season.

On the top 10 ranking:
It's nothing now because with a loss it'll drop. I try to keep it out of my head because we gotta keep playing.

On going to Blacksburg:
I've been telling people it'll be loud. We're gonna hear gobble gobble and all that. It'll be a hostile crowd so we gotta keep our heads into it, listen to the plays, and focus.

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