Joseph: Our pass rush needs to improve

Joe Joseph is expected to play a bigger role against Virginia Tech with Marcus Forston out. Read on to see what the defensive tackle is saying about the game.

On VT's offense compared to FSU's:
It has some similarities to it but you gotta respect Tyrod for being a great athlete and being able to make plays with his feet. We don't have to focus directly on him but he's a big part of their offense.

On being 'back' going into this game:
We're not looking at it like we're back but rather this is a big game, an ACC game, the third game of the season. We're fired up. It's not Virginia Tech, rather it's just another game.

On what it'll take to be 'back':
We gotta win all our games. I don't expect anything less than going all the way and we gotta take it one at a time.

On the defensive performance so far:
Our defense is playing real good. With the two games we opened pretty good. Everyone's flying around and having fun. We all stick together and we're flying to the ball. We gotta communicate on different plays. On the sidelines, we're cheering each other on, showing we're there for each other.

On the D-Line against the run:
Everyone's getting stronger, getting more physical with Coach Hurtt so we're doing good with that.

On the pass rush from the D-Line:
We're not getting as much sacks like we wated but that's why we practice. We're trying to get better one day at a time.

On being ranked No. 9:
It's just a number. We can't focus on being nine. We gotta keep winning -- gotta win another win, gotta win another win. We gotta stay focused on the big picture and can't take a week off, gotta keep going.

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