Graham: We're out to hush the naysayers

Jimmy Graham caught his first pass as a Hurricane last Thursday night and it went for a touchdown. He's ready for the showdown against Virginia Tech so read on to see what he's saying about it.

On scoring the TD last week:
It was pretty undescribable. With basketball, you gotta score two at a time so to get six it was amazing. Hopefully next game I can get 12.

On the fan support:
I got nothing but love from every fan in the stadium. I really felt at that moment I was officially a football player.

On the success of the offense:
Everyone knows their role on this team. The biggest thing is that no one gets jealous of the other one. Everyone is there to do a job, to win. We're not concerned about stats, who scores touchdowns, as long as it's caught and it gets scored. I believe 10 different people caught the ball last game. Two tight ends caught touchdowns. No one cares who does it as long as it gets done.

On making a statement as a team:
We talked in the beginning of the season that we needed to hush the naysayers. People said we weren't gonna do this and that. We've only won two games so we've done nothing. We still got a big chunk of the season left. We haven't even scratched the surface yet. We gotta go out and prove that we can get our swagger back.

On basketball coach Frank Haith:
I haven't talked to him. He texted me to come back into his office and he texted me after the game congratulating me. His wife cried when I scored my touchdown. Hopefully she will be crying a lot this weekend.

On Jacory's confidence:
The biggest thing is his focus on gamedays. I remember being at Florida State and being down nine and he has a stone cold look on his face. Then I remember against Georgia Tech being up a lot and he had the same face. In practice, he doesn't like when you drop his balls. He demands respect. He's a goofy character and he likes to have fun but when it comes time to games and winning he's a different animal.

On Jacory demanding perfection:
I don't think any quarterback wants his balls dropped. We all respect him. He's got great touch. Usually if he throws the ball to you you're open so it's on you. It's anything he does mechanically or fundamentally that if you don't catch it it's on you. He just shakes his head. Fortunately, we don't have too many dropped balls around here.

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