Prediction Time: Va Tech

Gameday has arrived. Some of the writers from CanesTime offer up their picks on the game. Read on to see what they're saying.

MIKE GOHARI: 2-0 season record (14 points off)

Canes 34, Va Tech 10. My biggest worry about this Virginia Tech team is the weather. We match up extremely well with this year's Hokie squad, which is void of the usual stars. The matchup to watch is Mark Whipple vs Bud Foster but I don't think the Hokies have the horses on defense to keep up with the Canes offense. Our kickoff coverage has not been good lately and I would like to see an improvement in that area. I think the Canes run the ball much more than the previous two games. The defense shows up big time and puts them away early. Welcome to the top five of the rankings, boys.

RAUL TANO: 2-0 (22 points off)

Miami 27, Va Tech 20. Miami's offense will prove a bit too much for Virginia Tech to handle. On defense, the Canes will try to make Va Tech one dimensional by shutting down their run game and forcing Tyrod Taylor to put the ball into the air. Va Tech gets a score on special teams early but the Canes will rebound for a solid win.

MIKE BAKAS: 2-0 (14 points off)

Canes 27, Va Tech 17. The Canes storm into Blacksburg where it's never been easy. Going all the way to the mid 90s, the Canes have always had a tough time winning there. Think back to the great 2001 team and even that group needed a dropped conversion by the Hokies to stay alive. That will be the toughest part for the Canes -- overcoming the crowd, the environment, and possibly the weather. If they're able to do that, things should go well because Miami appears to have the better football team. The offense is really clicking and I'm not convinced the Hokies have the players in the secondary to slow this offense down. Virginia Tech always plays tough defense but they've struggled against the run this season so it'll be interesting to see how they shore that up. It could come down to special teams play and I think having Matt Bosher is huge for the Canes and he'll be the difference in the game.

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